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Are the teachings of AskRealJesus by Kim Michaels false?  I am completely broke down on hearing it as I have been following it for so many years.

Are the rosaries given BY MOTHER MARY in his website false?? HELP ME!!! I WANT THE REAL ROSARIES??

I am also noticing that Kim's dictations are becoming a little boring and is too complex.

In the ARJ website, in the What's New Section the following question had been put:   "Can you please comment on the life and works of OSHO? Is Gautama Buddha his personal teacher? Is his soul already ascended or does it have a new embodiment considering that he was attracted to luxurious cars late in his life. What will be the future of his followers? Are they forming a new religion? I find that his preachings are sourced from other establish religions."

Has Osho really Ascended?   Love, Chayan


Beloved truth seeker,

When you first come on the path of the Ascended Masters teachings you may be overwhelmed by the enormity of information available, and the new tongue that is not a part of your language. It is a given that there will be an adjustment period where you are thrown into doubt about your own sense of reality and what we, the Ascended Masters, teach. Then your reality has a mixing together of beliefs, yours with the reality you believe that is real, which is largely from the world, and then what we bring from heaven's Reality, which will not always fit in with yours.

If this adjustment to your reality brings you truths that completely go against your previous understanding of what is true, then this can bring out that fear of making a mistake for what you accepted as your foundation of truth, causing that foundation in unreality to be swept from under you. Thus your identity may feel threatened. If what you have believed for so long is suddenly proven wrong, what does that say for your identity? In order to feel safe in this world, each person needs a foundation that gives them a sense of identity with something that is a part of Reality and will not die. They look for their identity with whatever is appearing to be permanent and immortal.

For some it is God in whatever way they conceive God is. For others it is science and the creation giving them a sense of power that they identify with. And sadly, for some, they find no reality that gives them any sense of identity because they do not accept that anything in the physical universe is real, and they refuse to look beyond the physical manifestation and see what is behind it, to the Creator Himself.

What you are feeling, with the discovery that something you have believed in with your heart and soul is possibly an untruth, can go to the core of your reality and shake up your foundation. This is actually the experience of the Dark Night of the Spirit that Saint John* spoke about. The first dark night is of the soul, where you are tested in facing your past creations that are not of the Light. Will you accept responsibility for them and turn to God Reality as your truth, or will you get angry, resentful or turn on God, rather than facing responsibility for your decisions made in error?

The Dark Night of the Spirit
The Dark Night of the Spirit is similar, but with a higher test of your soul. If you have been applying the spiritual tools for healing, such as giving rosaries, praying and using mantras and decrees, you will have balanced a lot of this karma that you began to face in the Dark Night of the Soul. At this point you have worked through a significant amount of personal karma, and have begun to carry a significant amount of world karma where you are given the choice to move into higher service in Being. But if you are to move into this higher service, you must have a greater sense of identity, or you will lose yourself in carrying world karma, and the false identities of other individuals on this planet.

So you are given the test to stand alone in your identity, without the support of the Ascended Masters and the support of the I AM Presence, your Real Self. It may appear at this time that you are alone, without any support, and you cannot know what is real and what is unreal. Everything you have believed in from the past will have to be looked at from the perspective of your soul and conscious will. And you will have to do so alone. The Masters, your Higher Self, and people who have supported you in the past in your reality, will suddenly be withdrawn from you, as you stand alone and face your previous decisions to accept or reject everything that makes up your world.

It is truly a time of testing of the resolve of your Being. Your physical foundation, and thus your spiritual foundation, will be pulled out from under you, which will force you to look at everything that you have accepted in your world as reality. Then, from your own will, which you may desire to be God's Will, you will bring back into your foundation every truth that you believe is still God Reality. You will weigh everything on Portia's scales of God Justice, weighing what is truth and what is the lie, until that scale is balanced, and then you will accept that truth as part of your foundation and Being.

Once you have completed this weighing of Justice on the scales of Reality, you will have moved into the inner chamber of Being and will have built a strong foundation of truth that you can stand in Truth and Being henceforth, regardless of the world's lies and unreality that will impinge upon your Being. You will have become the Christ who knows Reality and will stand for truth against any foe to Truth, as I did standing before the elders, the Pharisees, who said their truth was the highest in the land. I stood in God Truth regardless of the mocking, the condemnation and the crucifixion. You must do the same if you are to become the Living Christ in the world. You may not be crucified on a cross of wood, but you will be crucified on the cross of karma in the world, for you will carry the world's karma and the lies the world has built upon as the reality of themselves.

Learning Christ Discernment
Now that you have this understanding, it would not be supporting your Christhood to tell you what is true or not true about OSHO, about the rosaries of Kim Michaels that are promoted as my mother's gift to the world for the new age. What I say cannot be proven or disproven, nor can you hear my truth and accept it into your world as a permanent Reality until you have gone through the Dark Night of the Spirit. Until this initiation is passed, you must accept what you believe as the truth under the guidance of the Christ Self, who will guide you in every decision you make. So this period of time before the Dark Night, is a testing ground on accepting the Christ over the Anti-Christ, and an opportunity to build your Christ discernment.

Because you are practicing on becoming the Christ, in how to hear the still small voice within over the raucous of the world, you will often accept the voices that appear to be the stronger and more popular than your truth from within that may set you apart from the masses and in being popular with the people. When you stand for something you believe in and you stand alone, you may find that you develop an inner strength that is built upon courage, will, love of God, compassion and Christ attunement. In time you will see where your inner voice was right over the raucous voices and you will increase your Christ discernment to the point where the Dark Night of the Spirit will be precipitated naturally. It will not occur until you have had many opportunities to be victorious in standing for God Truth outside of the masses.

I will not come as the outer voice to take away your victory so that you cannot rise to this initiation of the Dark Night of the Spirit. My making all the decisions for you will not increase your Christ discernment. If you have been a popular reader of my Ask Real Jesus website, where I once was a voice to the masses, notice whether you had become addicted to reading what new discernment and revelation of truth I was exposing about some facet of society and people. There may have been that codependency on me to reveal the truth on matters that were very divisive in your societies. Did you find it more comfortable to have me reveal my truth on contentious subjects so that you could appear wise among your contemporaries? Did you feel safe in making decisions about people, God's Laws and the implementation of them in your world if I condoned or rescinded those laws as the ultimate authority?

A New Direction For Ask Real Jesus
Can you see how your dependence on my revealing the truth for you would never lead you to the victory of becoming the Christ yourself? Therefore, I did withdraw from the Ask Real Jesus website, and made just such an announcement on my website in 2006. For those who had ears to hear and eyes to see, they would have recognized the change that occurred at that time. I said that "all teachings released from now on will be dated". Why would I state this demarcation of time? Because I was giving the students the opportunity to compare my prior teachings to what would come forth through Kim Michaels subsequent to that date, January 1, 2006. From that date I no longer was the one answering the questions on the Ask Real Jesus, it was Kim Michaels from the level of his mind, and sometimes his Christ self, who answered those questions that were said to be from myself. And in time, it was completely from the Conscious You, a pseudo self created from the mental body to replace the Christ Self and I AM Presence.

Thus, each person who continued to believe everything that I was supposed to have said, but was in reality the mixture of the lower mind and sometimes the Higher Self of my messenger – but eventually was completely the Conscious You – would have received the initiations that would either propel them into the higher service and the Dark Night of the Spirit, or bring the judgment of the Anti-Christ they have accepted as truth in their world. Eventually the judgment would shift the entire Shangra-la community into two factions, one staying with my former messenger Kim Michaels, and one forming the Theosophian community with this messenger. It was inevitable and preplanned that this division would occur, or how else would we expose the anti-Christs in the Shangra-la Movement who brought darkness, discord and criticism of this messenger and the truth to take down the Christ wherever it appeared among the people?

This messenger was the one who gave the message to her husband, Kim, that she had received the Divine Direction that the Ask Real Jesus website was ending its cycle as it had been. It was from her direction that the messenger, Kim Michaels, was able to tune into my direction for the website. His mind would not have been open to ending this cycle, but upon contemplation, I was able to reach him to release the new direction. The reason he was not open to the ending of this cycle was his attachment to its popularity—and thereby his popularity for being my spokesman. The seeds of pride were planted that he chose to water and bring to fruition which he took up to begin the next cycle from that pride, not ever realizing or noticing that I had withdrawn and he had taken over with his mind.

What followed his choice of entertaining pride was the eventual loss as messenger for myself, as well as co-messenger for the Shangra-la Mission. He believes today that every word he speaks is the highest truth and above my words spoken through him prior to January 1, 2006. He has put down previous dispensations and messengers' teachings, citing them as impure and tainted by our messengers' mental boxes, as well as the ineffectiveness of our previous teachings being unable to reach through your mental boxes that only his teachings can.

The elements of pride and the Luciferian consciousness are quite evident to see throughout the Ask Real Jesus website since 2006—if you are willing to let go of your own pride that believes you can't be wrong, or that you have the highest discernment above other students from previous Ascended Master dispensations. When you read the reply that I was supposed to have made on OSHO you may see that not only are there factual lies about Devachan and its true purpose, but there is a general put-down of the Guru-chela relationship.

If I was no longer to discern for you, as related in the February 2006 announcement** of the "New Direction", why would I continue to discern for you whether OSHO, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa of Akita, Japan, or other individuals and organizations are true, as the previous messenger, Kim Michaels, has continued to release on his website?*** Either my words were not my words in that new direction, or the words following that new direction are not my own.

Not only is this a test for the readers following the Ask Real Jesus website, but it is a test for the people who were former believers of this site, to step forward and be the Christ, taking their stand for truth against the modern day Pharisee. Before you can go through the Dark Night of the Spirit and move into the ascension spirals, you must demonstrate your willingness to stand up to the greatest among men, and especially those men who profess, in the name of God, to have the truth when they really are the walking men "full of dead men's bones" Matt. 23:27. These men walk among the Living, looking like whited sepulchres, appearing beautiful on the outside, while filled with the Antichrist lies.

My "new direction" of long ago stands today as a testimony to what can happen when a son of God becomes attached to being right and will not admit that he has made a mistake, and then returning to the Father Guru in confession to receive discipline and direction.

You may know the truth as it is inside you through the Christ Self. But only you can choose to obey the Christ wisdom and direction above the egos of the world, and most especially your own ego illusions. The abundant use of the rituals given forth by the Ascended Masters' from all previous dispensations, will assist you in discerning the Real from the unreal. But you must avail yourself of these tools. Not all tools have the Ascended Masters' backing that come out of the Ask Real Jesus website. You will know what is not sponsored by the use of "unconditional love". The rosaries that contain such words are mixed with the consciousness and beliefs of Kim Michaels from his lower mind. If you choose to use such materials, you must recognize where those lower mind insertions are and remove them, replacing them with affirmatives in I AM and I AM THAT I AM.

I bring the truth to help you become More. If you are not becoming the More of God, than you are not with the Real Jesus. Look at your life and reflect upon where you were years ago and where you are today. Do you feel a stronger love and connection to Father or Mother God than you have in the past? If you do then you are moving in the right direction. If you feel a closer connection to spirit and unconditional love, then you are moving away from Truth. You can know Father Spirit and Mother Love when you understand spirit and unconditional love as lesser manifestations from the mind of man. It is your choice to bend the knee to the false god of truth in the world or Father God in Spirit. God Truth I bring in the Reality of Christ.



*"Dark Night of the Soul", Saint John of the Cross.

**The following is part of the original message from Jesus posted February 5, 2006 on the Ask Real Jesus website

A new direction for this website

On January 1, 2006, I implemented a new direction for this website and the work I want to accomplish through my messenger. Let me explain.

This website was first available on December 24, 2002, meaning that it has existed for three years. You will see that my mission in ancient Israel also lasted three years. This is not a coincidence.

I am a spiritual teacher, and as such I follow God’s law relating to the master-disciple or teacher-student relationship. I described this law in my parable about the three servants who received a number of talents from their master. The master then left, and when he came back he asked for an account of what the servants had done with the talents. Two of the servants had multiplied their talents, and they were rewarded. The third servant had projected his own consciousness upon the master and had used that as an excuse for not multiplying the talents, instead burying them in the ground. He had the talents taken away from him.

The symbolism is that the talents represent the understanding and the light that a spiritual teacher is allowed to give to the students. Multiplying your talents means that you take what is given and internalize it, so that you raise yourself above the state of consciousness you had when you received the gift. Burying your talents in the ground is a symbol for not being willing to raise your consciousness, instead finding an excuse for staying in your old state of consciousness. The point is that the teacher can give the student a certain amount of teaching. After that, more can be given only as the student multiplies the first offering.

When I had spent three years with my disciples, I was crucified and resurrected, which in some sense meant that I left my disciples behind. Yet those who were willing to multiply what I had given them did not lose contact with me. They were able to receive the higher teachings that I gave through direct revelation and by appearing in my ascended “body.” Those who were not willing to multiply what they had received, ended up being left behind, but this was caused by the choice to remain in their old state of consciousness.

In the past three years I have answered many questions on this website. If you take an honest look at these questions, you will see that many of them spring from a certain level of consciousness. It has been my hope that people would use the teachings I gave to raise themselves above that state of consciousness. After three years of speaking to a certain level of consciousness, I am no longer permitted to continue to address that state of mind. Thus, I shall stop answering questions or giving teachings related to that state of consciousness.

What is the state of consciousness that I am talking about? The overall purpose of this website is NOT to answer people’s questions. The real purpose is to help people raise their consciousness so that they can make a direct, inner, personal contact with me, the ascended Jesus Christ—or another ascended being to whom they have personal ties. The real purpose of this website is to give people the opportunity to make contact with me, as I am today. Yet to do this, you have to overcome the state of consciousness that prevents you from understanding my true message and following in my footsteps.

Over the past three years everything said on this website has been designed to help people overcome this limited understanding of who I am and what I teach. It has been my goal to give people what they need in order to follow the path to personal Christhood, the path that my life was meant to demonstrate. Yet in giving people this opportunity, I found it prudent to take a gradual approach.

As I explain on this website, the teachings I gave 2,000 years ago have been heavily distorted between then and now. Things have been taken away from my original teachings and things have been added unto them. Thus, most people in today’s world have been brought up with a distorted or erroneous image of Jesus Christ and of the spiritual path that I demonstrated. This image prevents them from understanding my true teachings, and it often prevents them from multiplying their talents and raising their consciousness by being willing to pull the beam from their own eyes.

Instead, people use any number of man-made beliefs to justify why they do not have to look at the beam in their own eyes. This prevents them from multiplying their talents and rising to a higher level of consciousness. One might say that these people have not yet made a commitment to the path of spiritual growth, the path of personal Christhood, the path of exposing and separating yourself from the ego. Yet this lack of commitment is often due to a lack of understanding.

The gap between people’s images of me and the reality of who I really am is so huge that few people can overcome this breach in one leap of faith. Most people need to go through a gradual process of overcoming their distorted view and accepting my true teachings. The teachings I have so far given on this website are designed to give people a gradual path toward overcoming their illusions.


***Ask Real Jesus, September 18, 2010, "The so-called apparitions in Akita, Japan were not genuine apparitions, and thus the messages are not genuine. The fact that the current Pope thought them genuine only goes to prove how far both the Catholic Church and the current pope are out of alignment with the Ascended Host." The fact of the matter is Kim Michaels' Ask Real Jesus today is anti-Catholic, anti-Rome, anti-Pope, anti-Christianity, and anti-Religion. There were three major messages released in 1973 from Mother Mary through Sr. Agnes, along with many signs and wonders prior to and during these apparitions. What was objectable to Kim Michaels personally was the message that "the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity..." Kim's teachings today do not advocate karmic responsibility. The truth of the matter is that God is not an angry God inflicting punishment upon his children. It is mankind's inhumanity to man and hatred of Father-Mother God that returns as calmaties on the world scene.